Heavy Duty Sacks

Tough reusable bags for a broad range of applications such as:

• Multitrip Coal bags
• Recycling Bags Recykerbag ® and Green waste sacks
• Mail Bags
• FIBC or Tonne bags
• Skip bags
• Patio Planter bags
• Shrub, Tree & Hedge planter bags
• Wool bales & wool sheets
• Security Shredding sacks
• Hop sacks

We make heavy duty woven sacks with Geotextile liners to provide the ultimate lifespan and can add reinforced bottoms, lifing handles, eyelets, drawcords & velcro to enhance all our heavy duty sacks.

Bags that last for years, saving the environment and preserving your profits.

Strong and Long Lasting Woven PP Sacks from Sackmaker.

UK made traditional heavy duty woven coal bags

Woven sacks for collecting waste paper

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