Tonne bags, Builders Bags and FIBCs

We stock standard sizes of FIBC (Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers) or manufacture to order.

All our bulk bags come fully certificated with safe working loads and are available in a large number of styles and sizes with accessories such as discharge spouts, filling spouts or fully opening top skirts.

We supply Builders bags from stock & Skip Bags to customer order.

Sometimes known as dumpy bags, tote bags or jumbo bags, these big bags are ideal for transporting bulk quantities of loose or powdered products and can be supplied suitable for either single or multi - trip applications.

Our specialized Helibag ® is designed for helicopter lifting operations and used widely by helicopter operators, national parks and offshore maintenance companies all over Europe - they are also known as chopper bags.

We can supply UN Certificated bulk bags, food grade FIBC's & anti static (conductive) tonne bags. We also make big bags with internal baffles which maintain a more square shape when space is at a premium.

If you sell by the tonne - sell it in a tonne bag.

Tough and Cost Effective Tonne Bags form Sackmaker.

Builders one tonne sacks and FIBC type bags from sackmaker

Helibag helicopter lifting bags to carry 1000kgs

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